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LISSER - "BOTOX Like” Cosmetic Treatment 

Selvert Exclusive Series
No Need to Resort to Cosmetic Surgery to Eliminate Wrinkles

Selvert offers a cosmetic alternative for the treatment of wrinkles and expression lines based on D-Contraxine 6®, a novel cosmetic active ingredient that is completely harmless and has the ability to relax the muscles involved in the formation of expression lines. Therefore it reduces expression lines and prolongs the result from Botox injection.
Our face, more than any other part of our body, shows our emotions. Over 30 facial muscles are used to express emotional states. However, some facial areas are naturally more active than others and are prone to developing wrinkles with time: the so-called "expression lines".

Selvert introduces Lisser,a cream for the treatment of expression lines

Its action is based on:
1. The inhibition of muscle contractions that, with the passage of time, are responsible for the formation of expression lines.
2. The induction of muscle relaxation, thereby limiting micro-contractions. Lisser acts on the 3 major expression line areas, significantly softening and reducing the lines in the affected area.

Selvert, Lisser Selvert



    Lisser Cream (50ml)

    D-contraxine: muscular contraction inhibitor, wrinkle reduction
    Colágeno : thickener
    Vitamin E: free anti-radicals
    Vitamin A: oxygen provider
    Squalene:  moisturizing, emollient



    Lisser Complex (10x3ml)

    Anti-wrinkle correction complex
    D-contraxine: muscular contraction inhibitor, wrinkle reduction




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